About Us
Systems Connectivity Solution, Inc.  (SYSCON)
2314-B Marconi St., San Isdiro, Makati City
(+632) 8897100 & 8897101

SYSCON Philosophy

SYSCON, Inc. philosophy is to provide efficiencies and expertise on all aspect of our
products & services. We have acquired advanced skills in our offerings. Our Personnel have
extensive experience in design and building of network infrastructure. Our goal is to provide
proven solution based on past experiences

SYSCON Team Ethos

We, the SYSCON team have been hand selected and represent three important qualities
that every member must have.

Technical Excellence: We have proven that we can complete the job at the highest
quality due to our technical achievements and experience.

Desire: Each individual does their work because we are interested in that field of
technology and also show pride in work, always completed at the highest standards.

Communication: SYSCON, inc. selects only prospective team members that enjoy working
with the customer as a team. They must be able to communicate and build a relationship
with the customer and with th
e SYSCON team.

SYSCON Approach

The SYSCON team utilizes a Six-step process that takes a project from initial conception to
final completion.

  • Discovery/Strategy
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • Maintenance


SYSCON, Inc. identifies the customer's unique goals and strategies. The TEAM works with
the client to target specificaly the possible solution regarding the network or cabling needs
to satisfy their expectations. We analyze current computer network and leverage this
towards the final expected outcome. Other special features or other required elements are
studied and defined.


Cabling Design Aspects:

  • Premise Survey
  • Cabling Needs
  • Provide solution that best suite their Network needs & budget


All aspects of the cabling will be installed. As standard procedure, client should approve the
design before implementation took place.
SYSCON, Inc. will assure that all personnel to
deploy are experienced and skilled. All works to be done are conformance to standards.


Before the completion, SYSCON Team deems network monitoring and the cabling works is
completed, the team will put it through a rigorous and thorough testing procedure. Once it
passes the testing process, it is considered completed and ready for everyday production


Implementation and Testing Final Results should be recorded and filed known as As-Built

SYSCON, Inc. as Standard Operating Procedure will provide a copy of As-Built Plan to its
Client for them to administer their Own System through proper orientation and turnover of
completed project.


If agreed by SYSCON Team and the Client, the technical services of the team has
implemented and will be supported and maintained during the normal daily production. This
ensures total customer satisfaction; the practice of this company is dedicated to deliver.


SYSCON, Inc. provides various services and total solution to
companies located here in the Philippines; particularly for voice
and data structured cabling system, PABX telephone system,
Network Equipments, Security Systems, Electrical System, and
Airconditioning System,

SYSCON, Inc. has been conceptualized by a group of young
professionals, led by Engr. Roderick B. Madrid who had worked
with other prominent IT company and had gained knowledge and
expertise thereafter in this field. The group has seen its
substantial contribution in meeting and exceeding client's
expectations in all aspects of our implementation with the highest
integrity. Thus bringing forth of the company.

The Company was officially registered with the Securities and
Exchange Commission on July 30, 2003 bearing the Registration
No. CS200316831.

Its headquarter is located at 2314-B Marconi St., Brgy. San isidro,
Makati City. Our Contact number is 889-7100 and our fax machine
number is 889-7101.